rajal kapadia

"it's rajal as in 'judge,' get it right wouldja"

rajal has a huge complex when it comes to having responsiblilty and power. as a kid, he was rlly boastful abt how he was learning how to use his magic way earlier than his peers in school. but when a master approached him to teach him the ancestral magic technique (where one can freely switch btwn light and dark magic), rajal started putting himself down a lot. he hated the fact that now someone has super high expectations of him, so he started being very stubborn abt improving himself, thinking he's already learned all he can.

to make matters worse, the master did not tell him that he is one of the two last remaining magic users who can pass down this technique. he only tells rajal once he had completely his training, meaning the master had given up all of his magic to pass down the technique permanently to rajal. as a result, there is no way for rajal to take it all back, he must either search for a suitable successor, or let the knowledge die with him. (the master had known that rajal would have refused to interact with him anymore if he had told him that he cannot give back this power)

this screws with rajal's feelings of guilt. he Does Not want to do this job, but if he doesn't, he's pretty much letting down the elven ancestors, and that would make him a shitty person, right? he's not rlly sure what to do with this newfound power.